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Visit to Vanuatu

History of the Truth in Vanuatu The ecclesia commenced in the city of Vila on the island of Efate in 1999 with the baptism of Brother Kaltos Manses. Our gospel proclamation has continued to have results with ecclesias now established in five of the islands. We were in Vanuatu for five weeks during June and…

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200 issues of the Bible Missionary

It’s come as a bit of a surprise, but here we are with the 200th issue of The Bible Missionary. Such a milestone does not occur very often. As you may be able to work out for yourself, it is 25 years since issue 100 and, if the Lord remains away, it will be another 25 years before issue 300. The first issue…

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Work in Tonga given a boost

Mission work in Tonga has commenced its eleventh year and with this new year we are excited and very thankful to our heavenly Father that Bro. Alan and Sis. Maureen Struckman have a VSA placement in Tonga for two years having commenced in January 2012. This extended stay will enable them, on behalf of the…

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Singapore, July 2011 Update

Singapore Ecclesia were pleased to welcome two new members early 2011, when Bro. Phil and Sis. Kate Taylor and their two young daughters, Cassia and Lily, moved from Boronia Ecclesia in Victoria. The Ecclesia continues to meet in members homes as central rented premises are difficult to obtain and quite expensive. The ecclesia enjoys “Pot…

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Nepal, July Update

Nepal is often referred to as the melting pot of Asia, wedged between India and China with its influences from Hinduism and Buddhism, Nepal is a vibrant and colourful place. Its capital Kathmandu rests in a valley and the city is a blend of old and new. The old with ancient buildings and narrow laneways…

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ACBM: Half the population of the world

On 1 December 1958 a man and his wife were baptised in the Philippines. This event set in train further events which ultimately led to a motion being passed at the Biennial Fraternal Gathering and Conference in Brisbane on May 1962 to formally recognise the establishment of the Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission. This was reported…

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