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BaptismsĀ at Piddig Ecclesia

19 February 2024

We’re pleased to hear of the baptisms of Brother Clarence and Sister Virgel from the Piddig ecclesia in the northern Philippines last week. This small isolated ecclesia in the north of the Philippines is very pleased to welcome two new members.

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February eNews – Timor Leste

3 February 2024

Timor Leste (East Timor to Australians) was always going to be a challenging area in which to preach the true Gospel. Controlled by Portugal as a colony for 500 years, governed by Indonesia for 25 years, and granted self-governing rights after a referendum in 1999, Timor Leste was a troubled […]

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20 January 2024

A team of young people from Australia visited Cambodia in December and January to meet with the brothers and sisters there. The average age of many of the countries where the ACBM operates is much lower than in Western countries and a large percentage of our brothers and sisters in […]

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Memorial meeting at the Mayantok Ecclesia

14 January 2024

Today’s memorial meeting at the Mayantok Ecclesia in the Philippines – The ecclesia in Mayantok is currently has two members and several interested teenagers. They usually listen online to an exhort from another ecclesia in the Philippines. Today they were encouraged by having a number of visiting brothers and sisters […]

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Baptisms at Bayambang

6 January 2024

The Bayambang ecclesia in the Philippines welcomed 8 new members, ranging in age from 17 to 82. Our new brothers and sisters areĀ Amanda Sam, Jeude, Mark, Joshua Oliver, Gian, Joshua, Jayvee and Magdalena.

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Solo Ecclesia in Indonesia

2 January 2024

Some pictures from a week of fellowship with the Solo Ecclesia in Indonesia.

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The Philippines Youth Conference

2 January 2024

The Philippines Youth Conference was held from December 25 to 29. Young people from all over the Philippines enjoyed spending time together around studies based on the fruits of the spirit.

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December eNews – Philippines

18 December 2023

Virtual Bible Series During the COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual Bible Series (VBS) was commenced by Bugallon Ecclesia for the benefit, not only of their own ecclesia, but also for any from the Philippine brotherhood who wished to join. The Bible Studies were held on a Thursday evening and were broadcast […]

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Baptisms in Timor Leste

16 December 2023

We very pleased to hear of another three baptisms in Timor Leste recently. Bro. Isaac, Sis Ermalinda and Sis Isabell. All three have learnt the gospel message from their families who area already part of the ecclesia.

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Preaching in the North Pacific

2 December 2023

Over the last two to three years we have commenced advertising in the North Pacific countries of Guam. Palau, Northern Marianas, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Micronesia and Tuvalu. We currently have two Christadelphians living in Palau, Brother Michael and Sister Liza, and they are keen to support our preaching work […]

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