East Timor

East Timor is a country in Southeast Asia. It comprises the eastern half of the island of Timor, the nearby islands of Atauro and Jaco, and Oecusse, anexclave on the northwestern side of the island, within Indonesian West Timor. East Timor has a lower-middle-income economy. About 37.4% of the country’s population lives below the international poverty line which means living on less than U.S. $1.25 per day and about half or 50% of the population is illiterate.

ACBM activities

Activities in East Timor started in 2004 by advertising in the local English Newspaper.  During the last few years we have had the opportunity to talk to students learning English at the local university.  Most of the ecclesia in Dili has developed from this programme.  Since the first baptism in 2010 we now have 14 brothers and one sister.  As most of our brothers have come from various districts around the country for their studies we look forward to the Good News of the Kingdom of God being extended throughout the region.  Fieldworkers are always welcome.  It’s only a little over a one hour flight from Darwin.

Recent Posts

East Timor visit

17 May 2024

Our fieldworker team currently in East Timor has been very busy visiting the brothers and sisters, joining them on their preaching work and discussing the ecclesias plans for the future, God willing.

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February eNews – Timor Leste

3 February 2024

Timor Leste (East Timor to Australians) was always going to be a challenging area in which to preach the true Gospel. Controlled by Portugal as a colony for 500 years, governed by Indonesia for 25 years, and granted self-governing rights after a referendum in 1999, Timor Leste was a troubled […]

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Baptisms in Timor Leste

16 December 2023

We very pleased to hear of another three baptisms in Timor Leste recently. Bro. Isaac, Sis Ermalinda and Sis Isabell. All three have learnt the gospel message from their families who area already part of the ecclesia.

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16 May 2021

On April 5 and 6 East Timor was hit by the most severe flooding the country had experienced in over 50 years. Many homes flooded or destroyed by landslides and the ACBM provided support to some of our brothers and sisters whose homes had been flooded or damaged.

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Food Deliveries in Timor

10 April 2021

Brothers and sisters organising the delivery of food to a community in East Timor that has been cut off by flood waters

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Timor Leste Flood Update

9 April 2021

The flood waters are now subsiding but there are whole communities without food and water and the local authorities are unable to provide for everyone. Our brothers and sisters are all safe and we have provided support to those who need it.

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