The Australian Christadelphian Central Standing Committee has considered a report from a subcommittee appointed to look into the formation of an Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission. In view of the overwhelming support received from ecclesias, the Standing Committee has decided to proceed with its formation. The report and proposed constitution have been circulated to ecclesias, though it is recognized that the Constitution may require modification, and the final form approved by the next conference in Brisbane may differ from that now proposed. The present sub-committee will act until a representative committee is appointed. The report is as follows:

Sub-Committee Report to Central Standing Committee on Proposed Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission

The response to our circular letter of January last has shown a general desire on the part of the majority of those ecclesias which have replied, for the formation of an Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission.

The following summarizes the position to date:

Australia : In favour, 45; agree in principle (awaiting further details), 4; neutral, 4; not in favour, 1.

New Zealand : In favour, 5; agree in principle, 0; neutral, 0; not in favour, 0.

In accordance with the directive of the Central Standing Committee Executive, the sub-committee report on the various phases as follows:

1. Current activities conducted by, or under the auspices of the British Bible Mission in areas adjacent to Australasia are:(a) advertising in English newspapers and periodicals; (b) follow-up by means of literature and correspondence; (c) postal Bible Study Course. These are being conducted in Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, British North Borneo and the Philippine Islands. There is also a small ecclesia of ten members at Bayambang in the province of Pangasinan, Philippine Islands, under the guidance of our bro. Jimeno, who is in touch by correspondence with the British Bible Mission, and some brethren in the U.S. America. Bro. Jimeno makes contact, where possible, with those in the Philippine Islands who are receiving literature, etc., in addition to conducting preaching efforts, and the distribution of literature in the local dialect, and in the English language. In addition, the Gospel Publicity League, of Sydney, and the Gospel Proclamation Association, of Adelaide, also forward literature, and engage in correspondence in the areas mentioned.

It is recommended that contributions in money or material for Mission work be routed through the Central Standing Committee, who would be primarily responsible for the organization of appeals, and allotment of funds in the field and elsewhere as required.

We commend to the consideration of Arranging Brethren the booklet, Facts and Figures , issued by the British Bible Mission Committee; and we would intimate that it is desired that the Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission function along similar relevant lines.

In connection with follow-up activities, and the need to make personal contact with some receiving the Bible Postal Course, two Australian brothers are currently visiting the Philippine Islands; and afterwards propose, God willing, at the request of the British Bible Mission Committee, to contact interested friends in Hong Kong, Singapore and British North Borneo.

There is also need for some companionship for our bro. Bahaudin, in Malaya, who is virtually isolated from any contact with the Brotherhood, as we have good reasons to believe that correspondence addressed to him is being intercepted.

The Gospel Publicity leaflet, Thus Saith the Lord , translated into the dialect of the area in the Philippines where our bro. Jimeno is preaching, has been printed in Australia, and supplies are going forward as required by bro. Jimeno.

It is recommended that a Session for consideration of Bible Mission activities be included in the programme of the Biennial Fraternal Gathering and Conference, whereat a report of activities and finance would be presented.

It is recommended that full use be made of the already wide experience of the British Bible Mission in all activities, in addition to literature specially prepared for use in overseas areas, and their Bible Study Postal Course. All the resources of the British Bible Mission are available for our assistance.


Outline Constitution of The Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission

Objects .—To assume responsibility, in collaboration with the Christadelphian Bible Mission of Great Britain, for Mission activities in the Pacific area and countries adjacent to Australasia; or elsewhere as determined.

Activities .—Gospel proclamation by means of advertising, correspondence, personal witness, instruction, and literature; pastoral.

Committee .—To give course to the activities, a Central Committee be appointed.

1. The Central Committee shall consist of 14 brethren (12 State and New Zealand representatives, and two workers in the field) who shall be appointed at the Australasian C.B.M. session of the biennial Australian Fraternal Gathering and Conference, from nominations submitted. Additions to the above number to be made from time to time as required from workers in the field.

The nominations may be made by: (a) Mission Regional Committees (as recommended below—not yet formed); (b) The existing subcommittee—or Central Committee when formed; (c) Workers in overseas preaching in the areas served by the A.C.B.M.

2. The Central Committee shall have power to appoint its executive officers from among its own members; to co-opt additional helpers and advisers as necessary from time to time to ensure that particular avenues of work are adequately represented and efficiently progressed.

3. The Central Committee shall arrange for the collection of funds within Australasia for Mission activities, and shall be responsible for their disbursement.

4. The Central Committee shall act in collaboration with the British Bible Mission Committee to determine general policy, projects and activities within the area served by the Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission.

5. The Central Committee shall be responsible to the Brotherhood in Australasia, and shall report on its activities and finance: (a) Biennially to the A.C.B.M. session of the Biennial Conference; (b) Annually through the medium of The Australian Christadelphian Shield ; (c) Generally, through the medium of the Bible Missionary .


Regional Committees .—In order that the Central Committee be as representative of the Brotherhood in Australasia as practicable, and to ensure that the widely separated ecclesial groups may have a focal point for contact within their respective areas, the formation of Regional Committees is recommended. Regional Committees to be composed of delegates from ecclesias within each geographical region roughly conforming to State boundaries in Australia, and to South and North Islands in New Zealand. (Where an ecclesia is in closer proximity to a group in another State, it may choose which Region it elects to be associated with: e.g. Ballina (N.S.W.) may choose to associate with the Queensland Regional Committee.) Regional Committees to include a delegate from any local Christadelphian organization engaged in work overseas desiring to co-operate.

Regional Committees to perform the following functions: (a) As a representative State body to nominate Central Committee representatives; (b) Disseminate information to ecclesias and isolated brethren and sisters within the State; (c) To assist in organizing the raising of funds where called for; (d) To undertake various aspects of work delegated by the Central Committee.

Accounts .—Audited accounts to be submitted annually to the Central Committee, and biennially to the A.C.B.M. session of the Australian Christadelphian Conference.

General .—That the existing subcommittee of the Central Standing Committee, with the addition of brethren Davis and R. Hermann, carry on until the 1962 Brisbane Conference Session of the Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission.