Your work is not finished when you walk into the Arrival lounge of your home airport. As an ACBM-approved fieldworker you will be required to provide a detailed report to the Regional Committee. This report is fundamental to the operations of the ACBM as fieldworkers are best positioned to:

  • observe ecclesial activities;
  • monitor the progress of the brotherhood and contacts;
  • assess the environment in which the brotherhood is operating. (e.g. Are the local authorities indifferent, cooperative or repressive?);
  • give an up-to-date view of welfare needs; and
  • recommend appropriate actions that can be taken by the relevant Regional Committee/Area Team.

While a spoken debriefing will be conducted, the written report will be distributed among Regional Committee members. It is not just a bureaucratic formality. It is an essential document for good communication.

Hint: Keep a diary and a daily record of your expenditure. If you do so your Report will be much easier to prepare. However, be careful about what you record, as it could fall into the hands of local authorities.

What should the Fieldworker Report contain?

Your Fieldworker Report does not have a set format but it should include the following pieces of information:

  • A brief daily log of events which in summary advises the ACBM where you went and why;
  • A financial report which accounts for all ACBM related expenditure;
  • A series of feedback sections that will address in more detail many of the events noted in the daily log – these sections include your observations, favourable or not, and should, where possible, conclude with recommendations particularly if remedial action is required.

If there is money to be refunded, a cheque should be made out to the “Australasian Christadelphian Bible Mission Inc”.

It is possible that your report will serve as the basis for continued discussion and you may be contacted by ACBM Committee members seeking clarification of certain elements.


Page Last Updated: September, 2013