April 2021

Baptisms in Santa Barbara Philippines

Today was a special day for the Santa Barbara Ecclesia in the Philippines with the baptism of sisters Jannah and Maricel. There have not been many Covid cases in the area and so the whole ecclesia were able to join together for the baptisms

Baptisms in Philippines

We’re very pleased to hear of the baptism of Sis. Jenebeth and Bro. Jepthah who were baptised in the Cagayan de Oro Ecclesia in the Philippines today

Food Deliveries in Timor

Brothers and sisters organising the delivery of food to a community in East Timor that has been cut off by flood waters

Timor Leste Flood Update

The flood waters are now subsiding but there are whole communities without food and water and the local authorities are unable to provide for everyone. Our brothers and sisters are all safe and we have provided support to those who need it.


Torrential rain during April has led to landslides and the worst flooding in 50 years, with the capital Dili being badly impacted.

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