The ACBM is obviously significantly concerned at the impact of COVID-19 on brothers and sisters in the areas of our service from India through Asia to the Pacific Islands.  While this pandemic is challenging for us, many brothers and sisters in the countries we work in do not have the Government support or medical system we enjoy in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Area Teams have been working extensively to provide support, particularly in those countries where many are out of work.

The ACBM National Committee has met via Zoom, and discussed our brothers and sisters in each country, their situation, our response, and the need for ongoing support.

Included in this analysis was our ability to continue to fund the level of welfare support required.  It has been agreed that our Regional Committees will continue to do what is required to assist our brothers and sisters using current Regional funds.  Should any Region require additional funds to meet COVID-19 needs, the National Committee will provide funds from the National Disaster Fund.

A further National meeting is planned for late May which will review the situation.  This may reveal a need to initiate a national disaster appeal.

We ask that all donations to brothers and sisters in mission areas be channelled through the ACBM.  Each Area Team is closely in touch with its area and is focussed on relieving the situation in a fair and equitable way.  Direct private contributions can compromise area relationships and lead to jealousy, distrust, and ecclesial disharmony.  Donations to Regions can be made in the usual way or via:

If you know brothers, sisters and young people in mission areas, please reach out to them using social media, phone or email.  They will appreciate hearing from you.

Above all else, let’s remember the family of our God in our prayers, and pray for the coming Kingdom.