Course Ls Src Comments
Sunday School
CIL Senior 24 CIL For teenage students whose English is poor
CIL Advanced 24 CIL
Basic Bible Teaching 12 CBM Simple introductory course for students with no Bible knowledge or limited English.
Foundations for Your Faith 12 CALS Simple basic course from the CALS
Forty Lesson Course 40 CBM Standard course;thematically written. Designed to give sufficient understanding for baptism.*
Exploring the Bible 27 CBM Covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Alternative or follow up to 40LC.
Eighteen Lesson Course 18 CBM Alternative to 40LC used in Eastern Europe
Learning about your Bible 24 ACBM ACBM alternative to the 40LC.*
The New Life in Christ 14 CBM Follow Up to 40LC or ETB for students interested in baptism or newly baptised.*
Understanding the Bible 29 CBM Based on the book. For serious advanced students with good English.*
Philippians 10 CBM Based on Study Guide. Useful; practical course.
Bible Principles from Genesis 29 CBM Follow on material for students who wish to
Matthew 28 CBM continues lessons. Chapter by chapter lessons.*
Acts 28 CBM

* Model answers available


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