“Nothing useful was ever done without a towering resolution that went far in purpose and desire beyond what it was possible to accomplish.” (Robert Roberts on Preaching)


The Truth existed in India, to our knowledge, at least as early as 1865; and there were more baptisms reported in that year in India than in Australia.

It came about like this. A brother Bayes of the Channel Islands, had lent a copy of “Elpis Israel” to a certain Captain Daniel Brown, who some time after was drafted to the East, to command a gunboat on the Ganges at the time of the Indian Mutiny. Although he was himself unconverted, Brown lent the book to the engineer of the boat. Soon afterwards Brown was baptised by brother Thomas during a visit to England, and then returned to settle in Calcutta. The engineer returned the book to brother Brown, and later came to Calcutta and was baptised himself in the Ganges. Brower Brown described the event thus to The Amassador:

“It was a memorable day – the firstfruits of the sounding of the pure Gospel in the East, the land of gross idolatry and heathenism. May it please God, the Father of us all, that it may be but the first stone of the ecclesia in this renowned city of palaces.”





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