Population: 5.9 million. One the least developed and most culturally diverse countries in the world. The majority of the population are still living traditional lifestyles. Main languages are English and local languages. The dominant religion is Christianity (95%, of whom 30% are Roman Catholic) and traditional.

Ecclesias: 4 (Bougainville 39 bre & sis), Lae (3 bre & 2 sis). Total 44 members & 83 contacts.

Secretary: Kevin Gore, png@acbm.org.au

ACBM activities: Work started in 1985 but, due to copper mine dispute and the resulting civil unrest, no contact was possible between 1989 and 1996. Two Bible Schools are held each year attended by up to 147 adults and children. Seminars are given in Alotau (Milne Bay), Arawa and Buka (Bougainville). There are around 12 undertaking the Bible Correspondence Course.

Pastoral support is provided for the ecclesias in Lae (Marobe Province) and Bougainville. CALS papers, recorded studies and exhortations have been made available. In Bougainville there are 4 meeting places, Arawa, Buka, Sirau Heights and Sipukotu. The last two are in the mountains and not easily reached. There are 3 Sunday Schools with approximately 80 students. A group of 5 brethren and sisters meet in Port Moresby but there is no official ecclesia.  A radio program “Let the Bible Speak” is broadcast weekly on Sunday evenings on Bougainville and Milne Bay radio stations.

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