In 1983 a Korean trader came to Australia with his “interpreter” Hyun Roe. While in Sydney, Hyun saw an advert for a prophetic lecture on the Return of Christ. After the lecture Hyun was moved to ask, “How did you learn those words?” Hyun had been reading his Bible for years & had problems reconciling what the Bible said, with the ideas of ‘immortal soul & heaven going’, so hearing the clear truth of the Bible was a surprise to him as he was widely read, but had not heard the Truth proclaimed so clearly. On his return to Korea he started teaching his new found truths. In late 1984 Bro Hyun Roe was baptised in the freezing waters of the Han River, followed soon after by Bro Shin & Bro Choi. There are now two ecclesias in Korea, Seoul and Daegue. Their preaching seminars are conducted in English as this is an extra incentive for friends to come along, as learning & speaking English is a goal most Asians strive to achieve.