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TTG ACBM Mission Sunday

6pm Sun 9th Aug 2020
An evening to promote the work of the ACBM with a focus on the Solomon islands
Bre Jason Bobis (Enfield), Joshua Kempster (Woodwille) , Craig Hill (Enfield)
  • The last visit just before the breakout of the Covid 19 virus in Australia was a youth conference in Fote village on the island of Malaita in January 2020.
  • The studies were around the theme of “The pursuit of Biblical Faith” with a good attendance from Honiara and Malaita.
  • Tor ~15yrs TTG has supported the ‘Let the Bible Speak’ Radio program, now considered as a ‘flagship programme’. It is widely followed and is transmitted to over 76% of the population plus some area of Vanuatu also receive it.

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