We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a fieldworker for the ACBM. This guide is designed to:

  • alert you to ACBM policy that must be upheld by all fieldworkers;
  • impress acceptable behavioural standards;
  • provide you with general cultural, etiquette and health information;
  • outline reporting and administrative requirements; and
  • enable you to make the decision to accept or decline the opportunity to apply to be a fieldworker.

This guide may seem to be somewhat prescriptive in its contents. Please don’t be put off by this as it has been developed in the light of ACBM experience and in consultation with experienced ACBM fieldworkers. Unfortunately, errors of fieldworker judgement and practice have marred some potentially excellent activities.

Following this guide may help prevent the repetition of past disappointments.

Briefing Details

You will be provided with additional information that is more specific to the area in which you have indicated an interest.

Should you have any questions please contact the Area Team Secretary or the Regional Committee Secretary for the area you will be visiting.

Briefing Documents are available on specific Mission Areas, from your Regional Committee or Area Team.

What is the ACBM?

ACBM has been established by the Australasian brotherhood to:

  • represent the Christadelphian brotherhood of Australia and New Zealand in its preaching activities overseas;
  • foster the formation and spiritual development of Christadelphian ecclesias overseas.
  • provide, where necessary, financial and welfare assistance; and

monitor and evaluate the work of its appointed fieldworkers.


Page Last Updated: October, 2016