Fieldworker Application Form

First of all read this guide and any addenda in its entirety.

Then if you feel you can offer your assistance to the ACBM as a fieldworker, complete the Fieldworker Application Form (see page 26), as advised by the Regional Committee/Area Team and return it to the relevant Regional Committee Secretary as soon as possible.

Application Forms are to be signed off by your Recording Brother or if he is not available, another Arranging Brother. Please avoid sign-off by close relatives – i.e. brother or father.

The Application will indicate your willingness to abide by ACBM policy and to refrain from introducing or encouraging controversial matters. As a fieldworker you will be seen first and foremost as a representative of the ACBM. Each Application must be completed in full and all questions answered. Failure to do this could preclude ACBM endorsement of your Application. Please note that your completed Application will include your agreement not to drive any vehicle in Mission areas unless approved by the ACBM.

If approved you will be covered by the ACBM Travel Insurance Policy if your trip is for 180 days or less. Where any illness is treated within 30 days prior to departure, including any pre-existing illness, a medical certificate is required stating you are fit to undertake the work allocated. Should you require any information on what is classified as a pre-existing illness please contact the ACBM Insurance Officer (

Travel to high risk areas will need to be cleared with the National Committee well before the date of departure. Policy conditions must be strictly adhered to for insurance cover to be effective.

Role of the ACBM Committees in approving fieldworkers

Upon receiving your Application the Regional Committee will:

  • Review if fieldworkers are needed and see where you could fit into current programs;
  • Arrange for you to be interviewed;
  • Notify you regarding the approval of your application and Travel Insurance status.

All your dealings will be with the Regional Committee or with brethren delegated by the Regional Committee. These brethren will usually be members of ACBM Area Working Teams.

Time frame

It is crucial that adequate time is allowed for ACBM Committees to process your application. Short timelines can result in increased financial cost, poor planning and a reduced likelihood of achieving trip objectives. It would, in these circumstances, be advisable that you postpone your visit until you are better prepared.

Do not make leave or travel arrangements until your application has been approved by the relevant Regional Committee.

If approved, what will ACBM do for me?

If your Application is approved ACBM will:

  • Arrange for you to be briefed by an Area Team member(s), or with brethren delegated by the Regional Committee, who will discuss/plan with you the objectives and proposed itinerary of your visit, and any recent information about the area you intend to visit;
  • Finalise what amount of financial support can be offered. You would have already indicated in your Application the level of your financial contribution; and
  • Expect you, whilst engaging in mission activity, to cooperate with the ACBMappointed Team Leader, who will advise you on the appropriate ACBM policy and be responsible for deciding on the activities to be engaged in.
  • Where appropriate, assist with your travel arrangements

Page Last Updated: May, 2016