As a fieldworker visiting an ecclesia it is essential that you appreciate you are a fellow-servant. You are not master, dictator or spiritual educator. Within many of the ecclesias there are members who have a very deep understanding of the Truth, are well read in Christadelphian publications, and who understand their fellow brethren and sisters well.

The Fieldworker’s Role

Your role is to encourage, counsel when asked and lead by example in attendance, attitude and speaking the Truth in the meeting places and homes of brethren and sisters.


In many centres some Christadelphian literature is unsuitable and its distribution would be unwise. Some literature would, if distributed, impede the furtherance of the Gospel and place our local brethren and sisters in danger. Take only ACBM approved material, and on your return only send authorised material, details will be provided by your local Regional Committee or Area Working Team.

Hints for Speaking Brethren

In all probability the local ecclesia will call upon you to speak. If this is so you should take into account the following:

  • Your address should be phrased simply, especially if your address is to be translated;
  • Translation is at least as long as your address. Take care that you do not go too long (a 45 minute address in your own language would be 90 minutes with translation and longer where it was being translated into more than one local dialect);
  • Avoid jargon, clichés (would they really understand, “This corner of the vineyard”) and Australianisms (try explaining “ratbag”); and
  • Avoid irrelevancies (e.g. an address criticising the extremes of materialism is irrelevant in the poor villages of Asia.)

Your Relationship with the Ecclesia

It is very important that you do not interfere in the ecclesia. Perhaps they do things differently from what you are used to, and maybe for good reasons that are not immediately apparent. On a first visit it would be most imprudent to offer suggestions. Of course, in no circumstance would you give orders to local brethren.

Remember you are a guest and you should act in the same manner as you would expect a visitor to do at your meeting. The Australasian brotherhood is judged on the good manners of its representatives.

Avoid the introduction of any practice which clouds the distinction between the Christadelphians and other religions.

The example you quietly set can be more powerful than any address you may deliver. Activities such as attending movie theatres, smoking and drinking are problems in some areas. Obviously it would be unfitting for you to participate in such activities.

You should be careful not to divulge your personal address to contacts in ACBM areas except with ACBM approval. Instead use the ACBM Post Office Box number of either the National Committee or local Regional Committee.




Page Last Updated: September, 2013