As a fieldworker you have potentially a considerable influence, good or bad, in the work of furthering the spread of the gospel. It is essential that you foster the positive and avoid any aspect that will have a negative influence.

Emphasis should be placed on separation from the world. Activities tending to worldly pleasures should be avoided, particularly when in the company of local brethren and sisters. “Come out from among them and be ye separate” 2 Corinthians 6:17.

Remember, you will be perceived as a representative of the Gospel of Christ and the ACBM.

Local Civil Authorities

All fieldworkers and those who may be residing in ACBM accommodation are to abide by current local Government regulations.

Clothing General

It is best to err on the side of formality and modesty in dress. Most ACBM countries are conservative and it is usually highly conspicuous Western tourists, or locals wishing to attract the custom of highly conspicuous Western tourists, who wear attention-grabbing clothing. Seek the advice of your contact brother before packing your bags.

Clothing – meeting

Some meetings wear neat casual clothing. While such may not be acceptable in your home meeting it could well be appropriate in the meeting you will be working in. Conform politely to their dress standards and make no attempt to alter them. It is not your role to convert an overseas ecclesia into an Australasian Christadelphian colonial outpost.

Personal money

Be discreet when spending your personal money. It is tempting to ask local brethren and sisters to purchase things for you since they will obtain better prices. This practice may not be wise as it alerts the locals to your relative affluence. Better to pay the little extra and preserve the confidentiality of your finances.


Make sure that your leisure activities do not embarrass or offend your brethren and sisters. Always try to be sensitive to their feelings. The fact that you did not make that side trip to a rather intriguing pagan temple will not ruin your overseas experience.

If your leisure activities involve local ecclesial members do not give the appearance that you are excessively favouring any individuals or groups.You pay for them, if required, discreetly so as not to be seen flaunting your “riches”.



Page Last Updated: September, 2013