It is not the fieldworker’s prerogative to undertake any ACBM financial activity except that which has been authorised by the ACBM prior to the trip.

You will also be required to account for all ACBM expenditure you incurred in the Fieldworker Report that you will compile after you return home.

[See “ACBM Policy – Fieldworker Reporting Requirements”]

Funds from non-ACBM sources

As a fieldworker you will undertake to advise the Regional Committee of all finances carried to an area that will be used for any ecclesial work including Gospel publicity costs, and donations to local brethren and sisters and contacts. This advice should include the instructions given by the donor as to how the funds should be used. If in doubt seek the guidance of your Area Team. The ACBM has strict guidelines which must be followed in relation to all financial matters.

Visits and travel to Australasia

It is ACBM policy that fieldworkers do not provide assistance in any form for local brethren and sisters to visit or move to Australasian or other countries. Should there be any highly exceptional circumstances, these should be discussed with, and any assistance approved by, the appropriate Regional Committee.

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