Our Duty of Care necessitates that we monitor carefully the movements of our fieldworkers and restrictions that apply to areas of High Security Risk. In recognition of this responsibility we are guided by

  1. The warnings issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT).
  2. Our own intelligence gathered from local sources in the areas concerned, as well as information provided by other National and International organizations.

The ACBM for the sake of uniformity, use the same Security Warning Levels as the Department of Foreign Affairs in Australia. DFAT warnings are defined as follows:

  1. Be alert to your own security.
  2. Exercise a high degree of caution
  3. Reconsider your need to travel
  4. Do not travel
In the case of DFAT warnings, levels 3 and 4 are considered ‘high risk’ and require specific approval by the National Committee before fieldworkers can enter these areas.

Fieldworker Applications to travel into areas of High Security Risk should firstly be considered and approved by the Area Working Team and then endorsed by the Regional Committee prior to being sent to the National Committee.

This procedure updated August, 2015

Page Last Updated: October, 2016