Get ready to take an exciting journey for 10 days into the heart of Northern Thailand. You’ll fly into Chiang Mai International Airport, along with a group of brethren & sisters, to start a 10 day experience of a life time.

This trip has been specially put together for you to personally discover the opportunity of becoming a fieldworker.

It’s a ‘dip your toe in the water’ experience where a group of brethren and sisters will come together in a safe environment, to discover the excitement of Mission Work.

What You Can Expect Over The Ten Days

  • Experience a New Culture
  • Traveling overseas together with brethren & sisters
  • Seminars to increase your depth of understanding of Fieldwork
  • Get ‘up close’ to actual Mission Work
  • Visit the Christadelphian BEC (Bible Education Centre) in Chiang Mai
  • Meet ‘contacts’ from the local area
  • Watch or participate in Preaching (‘get your feet wet’)