The ACBM is funded by donations and we would appreciate your assistance. Should you wish to be specific as to where your funds should be spent, contributions can be directed to any of the activities of the Bible Mission which include:

  • General fund (covering preaching, pastoral and some welfare)
  • Welfare fund
  • Specific Country or Area
  • Specific Projects (including Sponsorship Projects refer schedule below)
  • Annual Appeal (Save-A-Days Pay Appeal)
  • Special Appeals launched by Regional Committees
  • Special Projects Fund (A National Fund for new developments)
  • Welfare Support Fund (A National Fund to fund day to day welfare)

We have a number of ways in which you can make a donation, which include:

Donate now – by PayPal

Donate now – by Electronic Funds Transfer [EFT]

Please include any specific instructions for special use of funds and if you would like an acknowledgement please email the ACBM Treasurer concerned. You can also use phone banking or direct deposit to our accounts. To assist with bank reconciliation please advise details of such deposits to the ACBM Treasurer concerned. ACBM Account details are included below (Regional Committee Account Information).

Credit Card Donations

Donations via credit card, either regular or one off, are best made via mailing the form at the bottom of this page and send to us at the address indicated on the form. All forms will be acknowledged in writing.

Cash/Cheque Donations

Cash or cheque donations can be made directly to the ACBM regional treasurers or via your ecclesial representatives. You can use the form at the bottom of the page to attach to your donation.

Sponsorship Program Projects

– further details will be coming.

Bequests in your will

Should you wish to donate to the ACBM part of your assets whether they be property or monetary, upon your death, the ACBM have prepared suggested wording to aid your efforts. This can be found at the bottom of this page.

Distribution from Family Trusts

For further information on distribution of funds from your family trust, please contact for more details. As the ACBM has Income Tax exempt status such distribution are not taxed.

A dollar-A-Day

If we all committed ourselves to a dollar a day towards the work of the ACBM we would have more than enough to cover the work of the mission. You can simply do this by making a monthly donation to the mission of $30. You could do this via a regular credit card donation, EFT or direct deposit. You can select the purpose for which you wish to have these funds applied or simply contribute them to the general fund and leave it to the mission to determine the areas of greatest need.

Support Fund Raising Activities

Apart from the ongoing and much appreciated donations from brethren and sisters and ecclesias, the ACBM actively hosts fund raising activities throughout Australasia. These include our annual ACBM Mission Fraternal Tour, ACBM sale of work/fares and various other activities conducted mainly by ACBM Regional Committees. Your support for these activities is also greatly appreciated.

Are donations to the ACBM tax deductible?

Unfortunately, donations made to the ACBM by Australia or New Zealand taxpayers are not tax deductible. The ACBM does not fit the criteria for being an overseas aid fund.

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Page Last Updated: January, 2019