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Vanuatu has a population of approximately 200,000, speaking English, French, Bislama (Pidgin) & 120 Tribal languages. The main religion is Christianity.

Ecclesias: Efate, Tanna, Malekula, Emau.

ACBM activities

Since the first baptism in 1999 the numbers of brethren and sisters in Vanuatu has steadily increased. There are now bre & sis on the islands of Efate, Emau, Malekula, Tanna and  Espiritu Santo.  Much of the preaching work is conducted via a correspondence course available in both English and Bislama which is administered by local brethren.  Fieldworker visits provide pastoral support and assistance with preaching activities.

History of the Truth

The ecclesia commenced in the city of Vila on the island of Efate in 1999 with the baptism of Brother Kaltos Manses. Our gospel proclamation has continued to have results with ecclesias now established in five of the islands. We were in Vanuatu for five weeks during June and July and assisted ecclesias in three of the islands.

Visits were made to the island of Santo in 2003. But it was not until 2009 when a contact who had applied for the correspondence course in our initial advertising gained a conviction that compelled him to seek baptism. Shortly after, his wife was baptised and last year we were pleased to baptise his brother and sister-in-law. Attan, the first brother in Santo, with his wife Sister Esline, live in the main centre, while Brother Charles and Sister Rael live 50 kilometres east at Shark Bay.

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