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The Philippines is an island country with more than 98 million people. The country is very poor, but developing. The largest ethnic group are the Tagalog people (28%). Most common languages are English and local dialects. The majority religion is Christianity (90%),of which Roman Catholicism is the most dominant (80.9%). 5% of the country are Muslim.

Ecclesias: Manila, Bayambang, Sta Barbara. Bacolod, Baguio, Bangui, Bicol, Bugallon, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Kilikili, Mailag, Mangatarem, Mayantok, Isabela, Talavera

ACBM activities

First baptism occurred in 1959. Currently 64 Sunday Schools with 1,700 attendees, 150 active contacts. 15 ecclesias are located on 4 islands with approximately 600 members. Up to 25 members work abroad.

Predominantly a well-established ecclesial environment although many areas challenged by isolation and economic/political instability/Muslim insurgency. Bi-annual Bible Schools, Youth activities and preaching camps are held. The Mission Office co-ordinates Sunday School and correspondence (using CSSA Notes). Sunday Schools make up a significant part of preaching activities which focuses on involving local village children and their parents. Limited literature is available in local languages but continues to improve.

Main fieldworker visits are generally in December-January and March-April to coincide with local holiday periods. Travel outside these periods is also strongly encouraged. Long-term field workers are always sought after to assist in pastoral and preaching activities. Recent and proposed hall building works incorporate field worker facilities for this purpose.



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