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Indonesia has a population of 231 million making it the most populous Muslim nation in the world. Indonesia consists of hundreds of distinct native ethnic and linguistic groups. The largest ethnic group are the Javanese (42%). 87.2% of the population is muslim, 9% Christian, 3% Hindu, and 2% Buddhist or other. The main language is Bahasa Indonesian.

Ecclesia: Solo (Central Java),  Jakarta.

ACBM activities

Work began 1969. 45 Sunday School/Young People. While fieldworkers continue to work and travel safely in Indonesia, caution needs to be exercised due to the dominance of Islam and occasional terrorist activity in large urban centres. Main fieldworker visits are in June-July to coincide with the annual Study Week.

In the capital city of Jakarta, a tiny but dedicated ecclesia shines God’s light clearly at its regular meetings. If you are visiting they would love to hear from you.

Solo Ecclesia, in Central Java, is a much larger ecclesia and conducts a full range of activities, including Sunday School, youth events, and a sisters’ class. Attendance at the sisters’ class is excellent and is a great support particularly for the widows and single sisters in the group.

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