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The ACBM North West region comprises three culturally distinct states of Maharashtria, Gujarat and Goa, together containing a population of 173 million. The religious demographics are 83% Hindu, 10.12% Muslim, 4% Buddhist and 1% Christian. These states are some of India’s most developed with strong economies contributing 24% of GDP with 13% of the national population.


Maharashtra has a population of 120 million, and contains the city of Mumbai, India’s financial capital, and the home of Bollywood. Maharashtra is one of the wealthiest and most developed states in India and contains the largest road network in India.

The first baptism took place in 1990 with several more in the 1990s leading to the formation of a small ecclesia in Mumbai, which has subsequently decreased in size to two members now in isolation. More recent baptisms since 2000 have led to the formation of two ecclesias elsewhere in the state.

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Ecclesias: 2 (approx 18 brethren and sisters)


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1 Ecclesia, (10 members)

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1 Ecclesia commencing in 2004, (6 members)

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Gujarat’s culture has been heavily influenced by a history of invasions and migrations from foreign peoples such as Persians, Turks, Mughals as well as migration of Indian people back and forth between itself and surrounding regions. It has a population of 60 million and is one of the most industrialized states of India.

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2 Christadelphians

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Goa is a small state on the west coast with a population of 1.4 million, conquered by the Portuguese and held for more then 400 years. Its culture is a blend of Indian and Portuguese influences, and it is now one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. It is India’s wealthiest state on a per-capita basis.

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