$885,000 received, $823,000 spent. 150 baptisms for the twelve month period.

Summary Report by Country

Bangladesh – 53 brethren & sisters in 3 ecclesias.6 Sunday Schools, 50 students and 5 baptisms

East Timor – 2 brethren, with 1 baptism. There is an urgent need for fieldworkers willing to stay for an extended period of time.

India – Return of long term fieldworkers Malcolm Scott and Jon Hewitt to their home countries. 70 ecclesias, 1850 brethren and sisters, 24 Sunday Schools, 1200 students, 52 baptisms. There is an urgent need for fieldworkers to travel amongst the 36 ecclesias in the state of Andhra Pradesh and support and guide them in their growth. Despite several visits the progress of the truth in West Bengal has been spasmodic.

Indonesia – One ecclesia, 65 brethren and sisters,1 Sunday School, 32 scholars, 125 contacts receiving Glad Tidings magazine. The  Java continues to grow with three baptisms and 2 marriages. A growing calendar of activities including a study day in January, an overnight young people’s study activity and day-long SS activity.

Japan – One ecclesia, 5 brethren and sisters meeting two or three times each week in member’s homes. Visit by bro Matthew and Sarah Wigzell.

Korea – Two ecclesias, 28 brethren and sisters, 6 Sunday School students. The ecclesias are very active in gospel proclamation and hold weekly English-speaking seminars every Saturday. The ecclesia has secured a 2 bed-room flat for visiting fieldworkers. Ecclesial activities include a 5-day summer Bible Camp in August and a January Young People’s Bible studies with preaching activities.

Malaysia – Eight brethren and sisters, six of whom are in Kuala Lumpur. Visits by fieldworkers in March, July and August. Seminars conducted in East Malaysia and West Malaysian cities. 150 requests for correspondence notes, of whom 5 have completed the course.

Mongolia – The ACBM rents a one-bedroom apartment for the ecclesia of four. A four-day fieldworker visit was last conducted during October 2010.

 Papa New Guinea & Bougainville – Progress on all fronts. Two Bible Schools, 3 Youth Study Camps, and 2 baptisms in Bougainville. 3 fieldworker visits. Preaching continues at Kokopo, Alotau, Lae, Buka and Arawa with continuing interest. Broadcast of radio program “Let the Bible Speak” continues from 3 radio stations in Niugini and Bougainville.

Philippines – 17 ecclesias, 750 brethren and sisters, 64 Sunday Schools, 1600 students, 47 baptisms each year, 29 active contacts during correspondence courses. Sad news of two ecclesias leaving the Central fellowship to join the Dawn fellowship. The Philippines Christadelphian Bible Mission has been very active in following up disaffected members in the Baguio area.

Singapore – 12 brethren and sisters, 7 Sunday School students, meeting in the homes of members.1 baptism.

Solomon Islands – Only 2 fieldworker visits because of a lack of fieldworkers. Two baptisms took place on each visit however. 19 brethren and sisters in four different locations. “Let the Bible Speak” radio programm continues to be broadcast over the islands.

Sri Lanka – 24 bethren and sisters, 8 baptisms for the year. Work is progressing well. 2 Bible Truth Camps for interested contacts, the first attended by 23, and the second by 50. A Youth Conference was held for approximately 40 young people from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Australia. Some ongoing issues, but in general the work is blessed.

 Taiwan – One ecclesia, 24 brethren and sisters. A January Bible Study Weekend for the ecclesia and interested friends. Several baptisms, and local brethren beginning to take an active role in speaking and preaching activities with regular classes held.

 Thailand – 80 active contacts. A Bible education centre to be opened in Chiang Mai in January 2012. Palpable interest in understanding the Bible among minority ethnic peoples. Half a dozen small villages have extended open invitations to fieldworkers to come and teach. Not much interest in Northern Thailand.

Tonga – One ecclesia, 5 brethren and sisters,1 Sunday School with 5 students, and 5 contacts. Several fieldworker visits and long-term fieldworkers moving their, God Willing, in January 2012.

Vanuatu – 12 months of positive growth in Vanuatu. 5 ecclesias, 29 brethren and sisters, 4 Sunday Schools, 33 scholars and 7 baptisms for the year. The brethren and sisters are spread over 5 islands. Regular visits by fieldworkers.


Income Sources 2010-11

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Expenditure by Category

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Expenditure by Country

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